Monday, November 26, 2007

My BirThdaY PartY

The idea of held my 1st ever birthday party is from my dear....
As who i am.... i am not a big birthday person and i like to celebrate my birthday as 'simple' as possible....
but after a deep deep consideration... i decided to held my 1st ever birthday party (i rather called it as a gathering)......
Thank you to all of you who attending my birthday party (and also to those who can't make it)
Hope you enjoy yourself......
Thanks for your wishes as well (33SMS + 14emails + 3cards + 6calls) and your gifts....... (i like it very much......)

Delicious foods served---Sushi and local delicacies--- satay and curry chicken!!

Thanks to my dear for birthday cake ('Secret recipe' again!!) and everything you had done to me!!

My lovely Family

My colleague (from Serdang)

MUST + TARc fellows (from Kelana Jaya + Cheras + Puchong + KL)Secondary schoolmates
MUST Biotechnology survivals


Eladio Osorio Montenegro said...

Hello from Spain. Hummm .... that tasty. I would like to be there to be able to eat everything. If you want visit my blog http: //

Anonymous said...

Glad u enjoyed and had a good i realised how "popular"u are and repo u have with ur friends..thou no time to get to know all, but its nice to see their presence and make ur gathering happening and a well success..
Hope this is a memory that u shall keep, embrace and treasure as all of us are "growing" and the next birthday party will be held for your children, not for u anymore..haha..
Now its beginning of ur 26th year of life, hope this celebration brings u lots of luck and ALL ur WISHES shall come true "soon"..

**Did u Realise something/some1 that is missing from some of your photos, its incomplete... =(
Anyway, got to get used to this kinda situation...eventually numb and cant be bothered..
No offense again

Overall, a good experience to "support" the realisation of an event which turn out to be a successful one. Thanks for everything.

ben said...

wow, a big one like 21st birthday celebration. CK's face is round, wow must be makan gaji dengan senangnya! WT is still that sweet..KH still the same, KF should feed her more. HL seems growing...
drNeoh grows his hair, more good looking now. MK - u look more manly now..haha..

i wish i was there, so many things to eat...well, ur girl girl is still that pretty..she is always my pretty girl..

send my regards to all of the MUST survivors..remember got 1 more half life survivor here...

it's cold here...abt 16 degree celcius now..and I am wearing the shawl u guys gave me to keep my warm... really miss u guys..

well..i m happy here ... jst have to work harder ..n be smarter...dont be always warned by my PI for closing the door of the refrigerator and cold room softly...haha..

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