Thursday, November 8, 2007

DatinG WitH MusHrOoM

Taking a half-day break (curi tulang during working hour) to visit a mushroom cultivation farm near my kampung with my boss and colleagues.
As we reached there, we was attracted by rows of "attap"-roofed huts dotting both sides of the main road. The huts were builded to grow oyster mushrooms.
The owner, Susan said they are producing white and grey oyster mushrooms. The grey variety is the popular one, which has a better texture, rich in fibre and antioxidants as well. (A lot of advantages right??)We also went to the cultivation lab where the mushroom was cultivated by tissue culture.
Wheat grains are used as the tissue culture medium to produce the spawn which is essentially a mushroom "starter" culture used to inoculate the final mushroom-producing cultures. Look! the white color dots is the "little baby mushroom" which will then propagate and "infect" whole bag of wheat grains (brown color) and become white color.
The growing medium (sawdust+blended rice+lime) were mixed and packed into the "plastic beg bottle" manually by the workers. "so conventional"Next the spawn is inoculated into the sterile growing medium and the growing takes place in to "plastic beg bottle"

In two to three weeks, the bottle becomes filled with the root structure of the mushroom (So called mycelium). The temperature and the humidity of the room must be carefully controlled in order for the mycelium to develop fully and eventually little mushroom form on the mycelium and push up through the open of the bottle.

Grey oyster mushrooms

White oyster mushrooms

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