Friday, December 21, 2007

NoW EveRyOnE cAn fLY

Before the existence of Air Asia......"A lot of people in Malaysia has never flown in their lifetime"
After the emergence of Air Asia......"NoW EveRyOnE cAn fLY"

It is true enough Air Asia has made flying possible for everyone. AirAsia with its fantastic rates to local destinations and some Asia countries has taken away the reasons not to fly. Before the existence of Air Asia, flying used to be expensive and reserved for the more wealthier population in Malaysia, however, AirAsia has reduced and standardised their rates to be a cheaper alternative to holidays by bus ride. They truly lived up to its slogan "Now everyone can fly!".

Quit a number of mine friends plan to travel with AirAsia recently and ask me about my last trip to Cambodia and i am obviously very happy to share my experience with them. So please refer the link to explore more about my trip to Cambodia.

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