Monday, December 3, 2007

RolF CuP 2007

"Hey, you want to see HongKong Star play soccer or not? I got free ticket."
PLUS this is for charity
This was how the decision made to join an event called ROFT cup 2007
ROLF stands for 'Rainbow of Life Forces' which is a community social responsibility campaign that initiated to give hope to all children regardless of race, religion, background and nationality.
ROLF consists of 7 campaigns (blue, orange, red, yellow, green, indigo and purple) where each of the campaign is formed to support and help children in different situation.

Blue ribbon campaign is the first campaign and aim to bring attention to childhood cancer and survivorship issues as well as improving the lives of children suffering from cancer.
you can read more here

ROFT cup 2007 is an All-Star Charity Soccer match which held in National Stadium, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur on 1st December 2007.
3rd and 4th place match- Singapore All-star vs Indonesia All-star
1st and 2nd place match- Malaysia All-star vs Hong Kong All-star

The crowd was not even half of the stadium. A free coin box from the campaign to remind us to save money for the chidren who suffer cancer" A coin a day, keeps the cancer at bay" - slogan for the campaign.

Indonesia All-star team cheer to the crowd after beating Singapore All-star team 3-1

After a long waiting, the final match between Malaysia All-Star and HongKong All-Star started. Since they are not professional soccer player, the match obviouly was not as exciting as EPL......We went back before the end of the match...... Anyway, final score: Hongkong 5:4 Malaysia

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