Monday, January 14, 2008

ChEe KeNt's BirThDaY CelebrAtiON

Its good to have a group of good friends to celebrate birthday every year
Can't remember when we start to have such a 'tradition' to celebrate each one's birthday every year......
This month is Chee Kent's turn.....
Chee Kent seems very happy to get two birthday cakes......(include 1 'Mashimaro' cake)
He likes cartoon......and a big fans for anime
Even the Birthday gift wrapper also sooooooo... 'cute'

Group Photo after a heavy dinner (Oops! i am still on diet!! Have to become slimmer before CNY)


Anonymous said...

hmm..its actually an early celebration on the 13th Jan, cos his Birth falls on the 14th.

haha, did you realise sometin not "right" in the group photo..
look at chee kent's and kah fai's hand..holding each other..yaik..

suspect sometin is goin on between them...brokeback must....kakakaka

ben said...

Happy Belated Birthday to CheeKent...

so sorry for forgeting about his birthday. will send my belated gift..

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. May all of you success and happy always..:)

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