Thursday, May 15, 2008

GuNunG NuAnG Hi'KiNg'

"No next time..... really really no next time......!!"
This is what i said to myself when i reached 'kaki bukit' of Gunung Nuang after the summit hike.....
"You better start to train before hiking Mt Kinabalu" warned by dear.
So i decided do this---- Hiking Gunung Nuang (tallest mountain in Selangor, 1490km).
As a first timer, i have no idea on the challege that i may enconter or how tough for me to climb up to the peak...
So, without any preparation, we start our hiking with 'full-bar' energy from the starting point to point A.....
This is a long ghastly walk with ups and downs, muddy roads, rocky roads, red soil roads or the road filled with loose gravels.
After a tiring long walk, we reached point A and saw a 'pondok' where i took the opportunity to take a rest. Snap some photos and continue our journey into the real challenge. We follow the path into the forest cross a stream and follow along the road mark on the trees. From here, i start to panic with my inedequate shoes that made me hard to walk or climb.... Besides, it also giving me blisters every where.... Sigh!! My cousins move along the path with some minor runs up while i choose to walk slow and steady. The trail to the peak was quite tough, we have to always keep our eyes on the next step due to the uneven and wet path that full with rocks, roots and loose soil.
After pushing ourself physically and mentally across a few stream, we reach a place known as Pacat camp. I took some rest here while my cousins continue heading toward the peak.
Due to the time constrain, i forced to continue the hiking before my energy recovered.

Without wasting any time, I pushed on to the summit trail and my stupid shoes are going to kill me now!! It makes me even harder to climb up with the pain on both legs. However, there are many sights along this trail that may distract your focus on the pain, such as the green and white algae or fungus, fallen trees that block the passage way, weird flowers, interesting plants and insects like gaint ants, millipedes and leaches.

Heading toward the peak, i found myself struggled with the difficult terrain. I thought of gave up and stop here because i was too far behind my accompanier and my legs were so pain.
Luckily my mental was still strong enough to support me to move on.
Some parts of the path is very steep (about 80 degrees climb up). Therefore, we have to haul ourself up and keep on moving. The elevation has went up tremendously when we were approaching the summit. The air become colder, and mistier. A couple of minutes later, I finally realize I was at the peak when my cousins yelled that i am almost reach the summit. Hurray!! I had truly conquered the peak.
I quickly dropped my bag and ploped down on the floor.
Feels really exhausted but great to rest my feet!
The view at the top was very disappointing which covered with shrubs and bushes.
We can't get any good view of the surroundings from the summit.
The mist is pretty thick and the weather is very cold especially when the wind blows.
We rested for around 15 minutes before descending. My cousins were practically running down the slopes but i was walking down step by step because my legs muscle were cramped.
Climbing downhill was not as easy as I thought because tired legs makes this stretch of road ten times more difficult.
After climbing downhill from the peak for about 4 hours , I finally reached the carpark......
But the time was already 5 pm when we finally drove off from Mt. Nuang. Anywhere, I was glad that I manage to reach the summit. It felt great!

**I'm going to climb Mt Kinabalu next month.....
My friend, John who was just came back from Kinabalu said the scenic at the peak was really nice, unlike Gunung Nuang, nothing to see but trees......
Looking forward to see the nice view there......

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