Monday, November 24, 2008

WiSh Me HapPy BirThdaY......

Thanks to dear dear who planning such a romantic, cosy atmosphere and unique experience for my birthday celebration.
I will never forget all the effort you did......

Venue: Sekeping Serendah
Sekeping Serendah is a nice private resort located in Serendah, which is quite close to Rawang Town. It is somewwhat located in the rainforest. As on the way getting into the jungle, we passed by some orang asli villages and some winding roads. We took about 45 mins to reach the place from KL which is not too far from the city and i think not many people know about this place as well.
Reached there at about 7:30pm and the sky is almost dark and it’s drizzling. Both of us were amazed by the scene of the glass sheds when the 'resort keeper' lead us to the place. The double storey shed is mostly made by glass and most of them can be opened. There is no air cond, but only fan.

There are also basic kithen equipments for us to use such as fridge, kettle, some dishwares and microwave. Sofa is made of steel and table is made of a piece of steel too. As for the shower- it is an open-air concept bath room, and since it’s a glass shed, everything is viewable from the staircase and above. The open air shower area is really cool, however they have water heater. Rainforest is just around and we can actually hear the sounds from the jungle while showering. Great experience!!

So-called 'candle light dinner'After exploring around the shed, dear start to prepare for the dinner. She was busy to light up all the candles she brought (try to create the romantic atmosphere, hehe!!). We didn't use the bbq pit outside the balcony because we brought our own food. The scenery in the day time is as pretty as the night time. Reading books with bubbly sounds from the brook and the insect sound from surrounding was really a big enjoyment there. Besides, chit-chating and taking photos are the other activities during night time. Jump into the swimming pool nearby for a cool refreshment was the ideal activites during day time.
It was really a good experience for both of us with lots of memories and moments.

Glass Shed built in the forestUnique ornament at swimming pool

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