Sunday, November 2, 2008

My TaMaN NEgArA TriP (PaRt 2)

Taman Negara Exploration
Activity 1: Cave exploration
For those who visit Gua Tempurung before, the cave in Taman Negara or Gua Telinga to be exact is just an ‘ice kacang’.
Torch light is a 'must' to bring along the cave exploration. Pitch dark inside make us almost see nothing (You will appreciate the creation of torch light). Pungent smell with guano filling the rocks and pathway made me felt so uncomfortable. Bats are everywhere in Gua Telinga and they are just 2 to 3 metres on the top of you. I think this was my 'closest-encounter' to the bats.
The cave started out with a wide entrance and progessively become narrow. Why i said this cave is not adventurous because its total path is only 80 metres long (only takes about 15 minutes to complete the whole track)...... However the limited space in it actually make it enjoyable (you have to squeeze your body into a very narrow hole).

Activity 2: Bukit Terisek hiking
Hiking up to the famous Bukit Terisek was not as tough as i thought because the hill was not steep indeed. Along the way, our guide was showing us some rare plants such as Tongkat Ali, Cik Fatimah, Tualang tree and Gaharu tree that appear along the trek. We just takes about an hour to reach the top. At the top of Bukit Teresek, you will find yourself the perfect picturesque view of the whole Taman Negara.

Activity 3: Canopy walk
As my friend said:"A visit to Taman Negara, however, is not complete until you have done the canopy walk." This was the longest canopy walkway in the world which installed above 40m. It winds over 400 meters in the forest canopy allowing us to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the very summit of the forest. Situated high in the canopy are rickety bridges made from ladders and rope, which get our adrenalin pumping as we do a loop around a section of forest. However, the views were spectacular.

Activity 4: Visit aborigine village
We continue our activity to Aborigine Village meet orang asli (Batek) who are nomadic people and never stayed long in one place. According to our guide, a death or sickness in one of their family member may also cause them to move. They wear t-shirt same like us but their look a bit like African. There are only less than a thousand of the Batek (which meant original people in penisular Malaysia) left and they are mostly concentrated in Taman Negara. They are highly superstitious and shy people who kept very much to themselves living a way of life thousand of years old. What we do in their village? We learn how to obtain a clean drinking water in the jungle and how to start a fire without matches and how to hunt with their special weapon build from bamboo.
Activity 5: Water rapid shooting
We really have the most enjoyable time during water rapid shooting. There were two boats racing down the stream while all of us busy splashing water at each other. It’s free-for-all water fight between these boats. Very fun when 'fighting' with the other boat and splash them.

Activity 6: Night jungle walk
Through a path along Mutiara Hotel, we came to a building where we were to see a documentary on Taman Negara. Walk into the air-conditioned hall to watch a documentary video of Taman Negara. At the Night Safari, the guide lead us to a pathway to watch the nocturnal wildlife in action. Again, we need powerful torchlights. We had no luck to see any animal in action, but we did spotted some stick-insects having intimate moments, spiders or mini tarantulas, giant centipede, snakes, mouse-deer and illuminating mushrooms.
We climbed onto the watch tower to try to hopefully catch sight of some large mammals. It was so dark that looking out the observation deck, we just saw a sheet of black. I guess our luck were bad that day because we can't spot any animal at the observation deck.

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