Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Am I a GoOd LeaDeR?

How to be a good leader??
This was the hot topic recently in the conversation during my 'mamak' times with some of the YMM jenjarom members.....
How this topic started?
We are now arrange a programme name "the practice of recycling in our village" which aims to increase the public awareness and participation in recycling event.
In the event, we want to educate and encourage the public to foster a positive attitude towards recycling and waste minimisation.
During the preparation period, we (as the senior in the organisation) faced some big problems on how to lead our new committee members or how to train them to be more independent.....

So, back to our topic.....
How to become a good leader?
(Ok.... I have to admit that I am not a perfect leader....).
But based on my experiences and our discussion during those 'mamak' times......

These are some characteristics of a successful leader?
1. A good leader has an exemplary character such as the person who always practices clear, candid, and open communication. He will earn the respect from his team for the good character and trustworthiness .

2. A good leader is enthusiastic about their work. He will gives feedback and expects feedback from others.

3. A good leader must know how to puts the right people in the right positions.

4. A good leader must able to sees the big picture or keeping the main goal in focus. Not only view a situation as a whole, but he must also able to break it down into sub parts for closer inspection.

5. A good leader must know when to "let go their hands". He must trust the ability of his team and inspires confidence in others and draws out the trust and best efforts of the team to complete the task well.

6. A good leader is tolerant of ambiguity and remain calm, composed and steadfast to the main goal.

So, based on the characteristics listed above.......
Which characteristics do I have?

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