Monday, March 30, 2009

U cOmPLetE My LiFE

I know how important you are to me......
Feel so lucky because you appear at the right time and right place in my life......
The start of a relationship is exciting, but when time flies, guys like me tend to treat relationship as a normal life and forget about 'romance'......
Thank you for the effort to keep the spark alive in our relationship......
Love you forever......
"Despite our dipolar nature,
We form ionic bonds as opposite attracts
We complement each other like A=T, G=C
Our bond is getting strong like H-bonds in fibres.
When I found you, Its like ADP finds Pi
Like an excited electron, can't wait to be held
Each time we meet there's always a LH surge
That puts me in the mood of love
Without you, im halted like photosynthesis without light
Your absence is like a inhibited enzyme
With no time to talk, im like a flaccid, plasmolysed cell
I want to be with u like a remora on a shark
Close to u like capillaries around alveolus
My love for you is immortal, like the cancer cell line
and every single heart beat of mine is for you....."

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