Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I aM BaCk!!

It has been 4 days 3 nights and now I am back from Bangkok, Thailand!!
One of my friend sent me a sms when I was in Bangkok:"Friend, still alive or not?"
Ha!! Friend, thanks for your concern!! I am okay!!
See... Now I am here in Malaysia-Our peaceful country!

Just log in my blog and saw a comment from my cousin......
Reminds me about the forum she had told me before I went to Thailand...
(I was totally forgot!! Sorry!)
Anyway, congratulation for the new born 'forum'!
And proud to say that I am now one of the member!
Thanks for the hard works!
For those who llike to join, please check out 青运仁嘉隆支会论坛.

Its time to sleep now!
Wish I can post the photos of Bangkok as soon as possible!
(provided I have enough time to organize the photos).

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