Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've BeeN ToO BusY LaTeLy

I’ve been too busy lately and I think this situation will continue for the next month.
I’m a little worried about how absent minded I’m becoming.
The other day I wanted to send a letter to UK. However, the letter was still with me now.
Then yesterday, Dear ask me sms her my IC number but I had totally forgotten until she reminded me just now......(dear, sorry for that....)
Hopefully I’ll make it through this week with all the stuff settled.

Why I am so busy recently?
Due to white water rafting outing this coming Friday and Saturday
Therefore I need to reschedule all the affected classes....

God....Help me! Can you please give me 8 days a week....
(Oop! I am not a christian, so I think God may not help me!)


ALsToN_LoNg said...

me Toooooooo!!!

have not sleep yet~~

5:35am =[

@ltramann said...

then what time u wan to sleep and when u can to wake up....
you need to work the next day? dont you?

Anonymous said...

Time management is the key..
Set priorities..
If you dun have such a big head, dun wear a BIG HAT;
Dun take everything as if its your matter;
The world will continue spinning and life still goes on even though you might have missed the water rafting,cancel a few classes or not spending time with loved ones because of bz schedule;
Doing the right thing at the right time (this is definitely up to ur mind); which i can see that that ur trying to do everything at an inappropriate time.
Anyway..its your life, your destiny..
Only YOU can fix this.

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