Friday, May 8, 2009

OuR FiRsT DaY iN BaNgKoK 12/04/2009

"Sawadeka!!" --the most I heard during my trip to Bangkok.
The last time I was in Bangkok was about 5 years ago and the city itself has changed a lot since then. This big city is now have an elevated two-line Skytrain (officially called BTS) metro system and MRT subway system. This helps somewhat to ease the city's worsening traffic problem.
"Let start to relive my memories about the vacation......"

Although I’ve already visited the city, but it’s amazing how there are still many places to explore and still attractive to me! Upon arrival in the Suvarnabhumi Airport, we were amazed on how big and beautiful it was. It is indeed Southeast Asia's biggest airport which is even better than Malaysia KLIA (my opinion). Everything went fine during our arrival in the new airport (no long queue at the custom check point and luggage claim point). We had done our research (thanks to Huili), and knew exactly what we needed to do once we reached the airport.

We got the taxi and checked into the hotel, dumped our luggage in the room and then headed off to our first destination, Chatuchak Market. We decided to take the Skytrain, which is the best and fastest way to get there. Get off at Mo Chit Station, and walk for five minute from the station, then we reached the famous Chatuchak market. This place is the shopper’s paradise and a great place for bargain hunting with over 15,000 stalls packed closely together. It is fondly called as the world’s largest open-air weekend flea market which only operate only on Saturday and Sunday. A lot of stuffs selling here such as clothes, fashion accessories, home deco stuff, artistic painting, pets, plants, foods and so on ....
Most of them are quite unique and cheap.....

We walk and walk, and spotted some stuff to buy and things to see. I bought some T-shirts and some souvenirs. I love all the artistic stuff there...... So nice and unique......

One things to remind, please do bargaining and negotiating for a good price when you shops here!! Some may find it fun but some may lost their temper during bargaining with the impolite shopkeepers....Unique clocks, handicrafts items, religious artifacts, art paintings and household accessories.It is hard when it comes to ordering food as we don't understand thai. The best and only way to order food is to point the menu and use our body language. We ordered chicken soup noodle. The soup taste like herb and provided with 4 different sauces to mix with. So that you can control how spicy or how sweet your noodle will be.
Sausage barbeque pits like this are quite popular here. This stall was making quite a brisk business as most of the thai people love sausages! These sausages provided such comfort to our stomach after a tiring whole day shopping. Unlike the sausages we get back home at pasar malam, the sausages here are meaty, juicy and succulent. Are you tempted too?

How can anyone go all the way to Bangkok and not try the street food???
We like to try different food along the street......
Some taste nice but some taste weird.
The second type of noodle that we had tried before we leave Chatuchak market belongs to the class of food that taste weird.
The colour of the soup looks like laksa soup but without the spicy and santan taste.
There are five or six types of raw vegetables that placed on the table for you to add in to your noodle.
Anyhow, we managed to finish it although the food was not so nice.
After the whole day walk, I spent some pleasant time strolling the Chatuchak park alone while dear decided to continue with some shopping. The air was hot and dry but the park was still packed with lots of local people. There are something for everyone at this park; some may walk or jog along the green tracks line and some may picnic here with friends or family. Others prefer to look at the fish from the bridges over the pond, or to row a boat on a pond.
After a tiring day at chatuchak, we went back to our hotel and take a good rest......

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