Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GeT awAy On MiNi VaCaTion

Location: Cameron Highland, Pahang
Date: 13rd September 2009- 14th September 2009
This vacation was just in the right time where I can relax myseft......
And escape from the heavy workloads......
Too many jobs come together and each told me to put them at priority!

Forget about all those annoying stuff....
I started my journey to Cameron Highland with Dear and her family......

Cameron Highland (not new to me as I been there before)
One of the Malaysia most attractive tourist spot with its unique cool climate weather and its lush greenery montane jungle forest.
Apart from tourist spot, this serene highland is still a farming community.
We have a chance to visit tea plantation, vegetable farm, flower valley and not to miss the strawberry farm. (Thanks to 杨先生夫妇和他们的仔仔 for their warm welcome and hospitality)
Standing high on the hill, you can feel the gentle breeze on your face.
I love the environment and the breathtaking scenery.You can see flowers everywhere in this place......Nice!

Strawberry farm (you can pluck the strawberry yourself, but of course you need to pay) Veggie farm with variety of vegetables...... cabbages, brocoli, cauliflowers, tomatoes, legumes, sweet corns, spinach.......and all you can name it! Hydroponic salad crops are placed in the greenhouse!

Greentea maze at Cameron Highland. This place was owesome and have a very nice view.Finally, a group photo and its time to say bye bye to Cameron!

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