Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nokia E71 or Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Which one is better?
Nokia E71 or Nokia 5800?
Still not decided yet which one to go for?

Here are the list of questions throw to me by my friend......
"You prefer touch or qwerty?"
Answer:"Obviously qwerty la! My previous touch screen phone really drive me crazy!"
Score: E71 (1) vs Nokia5800 (0)

"Are you going to use it for watch movies or listen to music?"
Answer:"Sometime la...... but not watch movie, just listen to the music"
Score:E71 (1) vs Nokia5800 (1)

"Price does matter?"
Answer:"My budget is around 1K...So i think both are still within my budget"
Score: E71(2) VS Nokia5800 (2)

"Are you going to use office editor or some other applications?"
Answer:"Maybe yes!"
Score: E71 (3) vs Nokia5800 (2)

"Which type of screen you prefer?"
Answer:"I think wide screen is better right?"
Score: E71 (3) vs Nokia5800 (3)

"Wah... Seems like very hard to decide wor! Final question, which outlook you prefer?"
Answer:"E71 lor... Its thinner and more 'classy' look compared to Nokia5800 which is bulkier and sporty look!"

"Then I suggest you go for E71!"
Answer:"Ooooo... Let me think first!!"


ALsToN_LoNg said...

sony xperia score more than this two.
express music 5800 got new adition. even cheaper

ALsToN_LoNg said...

one more things..try e71 1st before gonna to eliminate it..

too difficult to type.cause the keyboard is quite tiny.

@ltramann said...

Too late d...
I bought E71 d...
Hope i will continue like it..

Anonymous said...


@ltramann said...

E72 is much more expensive...
Not within my budget!

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