Friday, November 2, 2007

Become heavier....What to blame??

As my X-coursemate said: "Age is inversely proportional to metabolism.. hence the older we get the fatter we become!"

I am totally agree with her...... I also found myself very difficult to lose weight recently......

Why we become fatter..... here is the list to blame:

1. Our food behavior (can't "tahan" to all delicious but "junk" food) ---can also blame "food advertising" as well!!

2. Lack of exercise (Because lazy to move!!!!! who volunteer to use the staircase instead of escalator or lift??) this is what we called as physically inactive......

3. Gene/Heredity?? That means you have "obesity gene" ....... i think this excuse can make you feel better... right.. not your fault what??

4. Emotion factor... like bored, angry, or stressed which tend to cause you to eat a lot......... especially chocolate and ice-cream......

5. Age... As we become older, our metabolism will slow down but the calories that we put in is not reducing..... then not tally lah!!!

So lady and gentlement...... please accept the reality that time pass so fast and cause you to put on weight!!!

1 comment:

lena said...

U have done a very good job in maintaining your weight and size oredi..Oredi very SHuai Qi...
just keep up the good job..
Im proud of u =)
U cant fight just age gracefully and live life to the fullest with no regrets..
U will always look the BEST to me no matter BIG or SMALL; FIT or FAT; HEAVY or LIGHT; LONG or SHORT (Oops, i mean the hair ;p); THIN or THICK..
Luv U

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