Saturday, November 3, 2007

HaRi RaYa PaRtY

As an annual event, MARDI will host a HARI RAYA PARTY for all the "Mardian".......

This is my fisrt time to join this kind of function...... A lot of food to eat (but almost all spicy)

such as Laksa Johor, Lemang and Rendang, Sate and Nasi Impit, Roasted lamb, veggie, Fried potatoes, Mee soup, Ice Kacang and so on.......
Sate and Nasi Impit..... (Sorry... a bit messy and looks not so nice...bcoz haft way eating!!)

Laksa Johor (taste a bit like Asam Laksa.... not bad!)

Haha.... Cik Puteri Ayu busy to "tabao" and bring home for dinner......
VIP seat for Special guest.......Me? Just standing while eat.... :(
but it is fun tooooo....

After tried almost all the foods...... i start to feel guilty....why i eat a lot ??


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