Monday, November 12, 2007

My NeW ToY

I've been thinking about getting a new laptop, but not too seriously (since i have an 'old' desktop and still works ok).
However, I bought a new laptop (Toshiba) for just 1.5K recently. (Cheap right??) Thanks to my aunt for the offer......
Of course the laptop is come with Windows. Not just any Windows, but Windows Vista, the "Home Basic" version to be exact.
I never use Vista before and I was curious as to what this Vista stuff is all about?? I logged into the Vista desktop and played around it.

  • Found a lot of new stuffs such as:
  • Windows sidebar which can place desktop gadget such as clock, calender and slide show.
  • Icon in Windows Vista are visually more realistic especially the document icon where it show the actually document content
  • Windows contacts
  • Windows meeting space
  • Some new games
  • some upgraded application
I’m happy to say that it worked well out of the box (until now) and I’m hoping that I could use that laptop for the next 3 to 5 years or more... ...

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