Thursday, January 10, 2008

#2 FRaSeR HiLL

The Pine Resort is not new for me because my last visit to Fraser hill was also staying here. The place itself is a bit old and everything felt damp...... (You can smell the "dampness" once you step in the apartment)...... About this resort...... eeeee.... i would not recommend you to stay here because it was a bit overpriced for what they offered and the food was not nice at all... The receptionists were usually absent, but polite and sometimes helpful when they could be found.
The most excited thing in this apartment was to enjoy the scenic mountain view from the balcony. We killed lots of time to take photos here......

Our first stop at Fraser hill was Paddock. A place that offfer ponies and horses for novices who would like to experience the pleasures of riding. However, the place was close when we reach there. Sigh! (the keeper said its due to the horses were new comer and need few more days to adapt the environment)......
The 'resting' Horse
Next station.... A children playground.....!! I still remember last time it used to have a big roller skaking rink.... but now everything was changed...... After that, we spent a breezy sunny afternoon sunbathing at Allan's Water. Allan’s Water is a tranquil lake for paddle-boating...... Spent RM3 each to enjoy paddling for about 15 minutes. Most of the buildings in Fraser's Hill are British colonial-styled, and Ye Old Smoke House would be one of them. A quaint tea house that provide an English style living environment and serves authentic English tea amongst an English garden. I love this place very much!!
A "frog couple" sitting comfortably under the tree and enjoy their fresh air...... Jeriau Water Fall--- one of the tourist spot in Fraser Hill. The Jeriau Waterfall is situated about 5km from the downtown of Fraser Hill. After drove through the hilly terrains road and some hairpin bends, we reached a road end in front of a gate. "We reach Jeriau Waterfall!!"

“Jeriau Waterfall” signboard---> in front the gate
Our intention was just to pay the waterfall a visit and snap a few shots. About 15 minutes walking distance from the gate along a path that flanked on both sides by ferns and dense tropical plants leading to the water falls. The falls were not that deep due to heavy accumulation of sand from the stream above.... The water was extremely cold......
Steamboat dinner at our apartment....... Again...... Check out more photos from our last day in Fraser Hill on next posting(s).....

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