Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AnGeL's WeDding DiNnEr

14th June 2008, Saturday, 6:00pm
Send my car for car wash
(Hehe!! can't remember when is my last car wash.... So....dirty loooo...)
15th June 2008, Sunday, 8:00am
Wake up in the early morning
Send my car to Winson house to be one of the "brother's car" BMW wedding car with Mickey and Minnie Deco
Met many old friends on that day
And give me a really good chance to recollect my memories
And get back on tract with people i haven't seen for ages!!Jessie and me
(We were once reckon as twin by our coursemate)
Not because both of us look a like.....
It is because both of us choose the same course...
come from same hometown
and share the same surname SiewSiew and me
The pretty girl who is still single and available.....!! Fei wen + Herbie, the turtle + me + Penny
(Herbie become a superstar that night cause many people want to take photo with him)

My cousin HauSiew who is also my 'kaki mamak' Dear in her beautiful 'blingbling' outfit and me Of course the stars of the night--Bride and bridegroom

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