Sunday, February 1, 2009

LiOn DaNCe

A Chinese New Year celebration will not complete without lion dance. This year, daddy invited the lion dance troupe to our home to bring 'ONG' and get rid of 'suiness'.

Because of this, we wake up early in the first morning of CNY and prepared to welcome our 'big guest' today.

I was told by my parents that the lion dance is not simply for entertainment. Basically it is performed on CNY to bring luck and prosperity to our house and to chase away all negative spirits.

The action from the lion dance troupe was not fantastic at all. *because they are not professional lion dancer?? They are just students from private chinese school...... okok.... no critics....!!i know!!
After the peeling of mandarin oranges and arranged them on a plate. Immediately after that, brother light up the firecracker and the lion passed the stuff in the red tray to my daddy. What they say is it signifies good luck and wealth.

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