Thursday, January 29, 2009

ChiNesE NeW YEar 2009

It’s time of the year again.....

The feeling is so strange at first because I didn't expect Chinese New Year come so fast this year… **maybe due to the last Chinese new year celebration was still fresh in my mind.

Anyway, its the most important ethnical holidays for my family and myself. So I should enjoy it rather than wonder why the time past so fast.

Chinese New Year is one of the few occasions in a year where I can share happiness with all my relatives and friends who meet very seldom.

My CNY mood started with the big bonus from my 'uncle a.k.a boss'......followed by reunion dinner on the eve of CNY, traditionally prepared at my grandmum's home for family members who return from their work and lives away from home.

After dinner, we did what we traditionally do… gathered at the living room and chit-chatting, waiting for our Ang Pao from the married relatives and the kids were playing with their fire crackers.
Once the clock strikes twelve, fire works can be seen everywhere and mark the official start of CNY. At the same time, we were praying for a good year of Ox!
Chinese New Year is celebrated with visiting of relatives and friends. Everyone is expected to wear new clothes and shoes and the popular color is obviously red! Playing cards and mahjong tiles will definately apper in everyone house. Meantime, children will be having new year goodies, games and playing with fireworks. The weather was not good during CNY this year. Many people fall sick because of the hot weather. Anyway, I do appreciate CNY in the sense that I can get together with my relatives and friends. Nevertheless, I still want to wish all of you a happy Chinese New Year!

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