Sunday, February 22, 2009

BaCK to StuDy LiFe

"How am I going to teach people if I don't know the subject at all????"
This was the question in my mind when I was informed to handle a practical class on 'Microbial Genetics'.
So what to do? “死马当活马医咯!”
I am studying hard to avoid any funny mistake which may happen that day.
Really hope this semester will end faster.....
So that I can concentrate on my lab works.....
Since mention about 'Microbial Genetics' here,
Let me introduce--- Escherichia coli
Why E.coli? because we live with this microbe whole life.....
Still remember, I used to read an article about this microbe wrote by my friend, Dr.Neoh....
In his article, he called this microbe as '伊可丽小姐'......(Haha, what a nice name in chinese...huh?)
E.coli is the most well studied bacteria. It normally lives inside your intestines, where helps your body to break down and digest the foods. Unfortunately, certain type of E. coli can get from the intestines into the blood and cause illness such as diarrhoea. Since E.coli is one of the best-studied prokaryotic model organism, scientist normally use them in mass production of wanted protein. The very first application of this microbe in biotechnology is to produce human insulin. My pHD studies also involve a lot of this microbe in my work too.
E.coli....... My favourite microbe!!

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