Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A VerY 'FuLL' LuNCh!!

I have been eating Sunrise's roasted duck a few years back as i used to study at Kelana Jaya.
This is one of the most famous restaurant in PJ area that famed for its roasted duck.
I have a chance to try it again today with Lena since both of us were free until 2pm.
We reached the place at about 12pm and the restaurant was already packed with its custormers...(The restaurant open at 11.30am onward till sold out)
No choice! We had to share the table with other people since we had just two of us......
For two of us, we used to ordered 1/4 duck......
But don't know why, we ordered half a duck this time!
It was really a lot when the duck was served in front of us after 5 minutes!
The big plate of duck comes with two small bowl of soup, a small bowl of sauce (something like diluted soya sauce), homemade chilli sauce, and two plates of white rice.
The duck meat itself was tender and juicy (I personally opt for breast meat but most people like drum part), with the skin roasted to perfect golden brown, flavourful and crispy as well.
About the soup, the taste was a mixture of sour, sweet, and salty.
I am not sure what to make of it (maybe preserved vegetable).
Anyway, it tasted okay for me.
But most of my friends said the taste was weird and not nice at all.
I don't really enjoy the sauce because it taste like herb.
I prefer the sauce which taste sweet and thick.
The Lunch was about RM30 for two which i think is not bad for half a duck.

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Johnson said...

Look yummy and should pay a visit then.

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