Friday, December 4, 2009

Confession...... How to stop hoarding books?

After the bookfair last week, I pledge not to buy any books this month.
I just can't help myself.
I can't stop buying books especially in this warehouse sales season.
I went to the bookfair again yesterday and buy more books for my collection!!

Feel so guilty to eat my own words...
Therefore, I write this blog to confess myself.
I tell myself that I am really a book-lover.
No matter what I do, more books will continue sit on my bookshelf......

For those who know me, you must know my reading habit before bed time.....
Sometime I was thinking:" I must have this or I will die."
Haha! Maybe I'm exaggerating but I really can't sleep without reading and I just can't say no to a good book (especially cheap books).
As a result, now I have a huge stack of books in the to-read list, but I still buy more!!!
Am I a book hoarder?
Is this a problem I keep buying new books without finish reading the old one?
More books on my bookshelf......


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