Sunday, August 1, 2010

BacK to SeConDary ScHooL

Slept very late yesterday but wake up very early this morning.
Glorious weather in the morning...
The sky is blue and the wind is blowing!
Yes, I made a right decision to attend my secondary school carnival today.

The moment I stepped into the school, I was shocked because many things were changed.
More buildings in the school and make its external appearance totally different.
Less trees around the school area while more car parks now.
Really miss the school time.
I am still remember my secondary school days vividly...
The simple days.
Being a school prefect and wait in front of the gate every morning to record the name of late coming students.
Group discussions with classmates.
School competition and sport days.
Doing lab experiment especially mice dissection.
Organizing school camping and assemblies.
'Studying' in the library.

--The old times are the best--

Back to the topic
There are many stalls around the school which sell foods, drinks, plants and games.
Actually, I have nothing to do in the school.
Just walk around and see whether I can meet any old schoolmate or teacher that taught me before, but apparently not....
Just stay in the school for around an hour and went back for breakfast.

if you could go back to secondary school time, what would you like to do?
I will cam-whore myself and my schoolmates at every corner of the campus.
Haha...Because I have very few secondary school photos in my photo album.

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