Friday, April 18, 2008

GuA TeMpuRunG TRiP

I am waiting…. waiting….. and waiting…..
Waiting for Chin Yee to send me the photos we took during our Gua Tempurung trip….
(writing without photo is quite hard for me to give you a clear story because my writing skill is not good…..)
I really can’t wait anymore…. So decided to blog it first while waiting for the photos
Gua Tempurung…. A famous place that I never thought to visit to…. Until this year CNY, Chin Yee visited me and invited me to join him and his colleague to Gua Tempurung……After some discussion made between me and dear….. (because dear been there long time ago and not really show interest on this outdoor activities…. And me….. having many thoughts on how to arrange my time on that day due to three tuition classes that I had to conduct…..)… However… finally we made it and what I can say is: “I am totally not regret on the decision we made and feel so lucky to join them…. This trip was fun and challenging to me.”
Wake up early in the morning around 5am and drove to fetch dear, then meet up others friends at Restoran Jejantas Sg. Buluh and took a KFC breakfast before heading toward our destination- Gua Tempurung.
(It can be reached from North-South highway by exiting through Gopeng interchange. There are enough directional signboards that lead us to the caves.)
We Reached Gua Tempurung earlier than expected……Guess…What we did while waiting for the ticketing counter start to operate???
Take photo lo….
We took the Grand Tour which cost us RM20 each and the whole journey took about three and half hours. Since I have no pictures with me yet, I will just briefly highlight some special stuff that we did inside Gua Tempurung.
First of all we had to wade through the underground river system where we had to crawl through the water and keeping the heads down from one cave to another. Crawling was not tough for me but crawl in the sands and water and big stones was really a tough challenge….
Another challenge in the cave was the sliding stone where we need to slide down from a very tall steep stone to the ground without the assistant of any tools….. Quite challenging and you must try it yourself as you go there!!
Right after the sliding stone, we were ask to squeeze our body (or jump) into a small hole to the bottom level of the cave. It was quite dangerous actually but with the assistant from the ranger at the bottom level, all of us reach the bottom level safely.
At some point, we were turn off our torchlight and a total and complete darkness came over us. (真是伸手不见五指!!)
We walk, crawl, on land, and in water for about three hours before we reached at the end of the river system. The path of the river system was joining to a wide open cave where there were walking path and bridges built. This walking path was then bring us back to the entrance of the Gua Tempurung.
Advice for those who plan to go there….
1. Don’t bring camera into the cave unless your camera is water proof one.
2. Don’t bring anything because it will burden you.
3. Don’t wear bright colour shirts, pants, and underwear because they will turn into other color due to the clay and brown water in the cave.

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