Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An EmOtiOnaL daY

My dad just got into a major car accident yeaterday.
Feel so shock and anxious when sister told me the news after reached home........
I say major not because he is lying close to death, but because of the horrific nature of the accident. He was on the way to his construction site at Tanjung Malim.
My dad was trying to avoid the car that stop suddenly in front.
He was trying to turn into other lane, however the slippery road after rain cause the car totally lose control and hit the road divider.
Apparently the force was so strong until the front of the car was totally damaged, the bonnet flew off, and the car spun 360 degrees for a few times until it was turn upside down.
Fortunately my father was drove quite slow at that time and the momentum was not that big.
I am glad my daddy is fine.
After the incident.......i have some thoughts....
I will pay more care to my parents because i really afraid i will lose them one day.......
and also
Drive safe!!
Drive safe!!
We place ourselves in grave danger on the roads everyday!!
so drive safe and stay sane!
Sorry dear.... for my self-willed..... i will drive safe!!!


x-MESTer said...

Dear friend, sorry to hear bout the news...hope ur dad is fine, and getting well very,very soon..
GOD Bless!

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Fei Wen said...

oh dear...... =(

sometimes we can be really careful while driving, but bcos of some other idiots, it actually caused us accidents... that sounds pretty scary, but glad that everything was okay.

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