Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My GoPenG HoLiDaY (01/05/09)

1/5/2009--Labour day
It supposes to be a holiday for me to take a good rest at home, but I decided to spend the time (2 days 1 night) with dear and friends. Wake up early in the morning and left Jenjarom to meet up other friends before depart to Gopeng for white water rafting.
We took about 2 hours to reach Gopeng town and drive for another 6km to reach our final destination- My Gopeng Resort.
Upon arrival, we were briefing by the resort owner and took our lunch at the canteen. Our resthouse is a basic bamboo hut built in traditional style. Mattresses and pillows were the only furniture in the resthouse.

Our first activity was white water rafting on the Kampar River. Each of us was equipped with a life jacket, a helmet and a paddle. The resort owner introduced us an instructor who will guide us along the activity. The instructor brief us some safety issues and basic techniques (paddling command and paddling skill) before going down the river. White water rafting was fun especially when we started jumping into the water and going on the rapids. We really had our enjoyable time during rafting. The most unforgettable part in this raft tour was the moment our raft capsized and plays water fighting with our fellow rafters. I am not a water person. Therefore, I felt so excited and challenged when I fell and sank into the water. Anyway, this is a really good experience for me.
After completed the mission, we all sat at the back of an open truck and driven back to the resort. This was my first time being ‘delivered’ in such a way.
Back to our resthouse, some of our gang decided to have their own activity around the resort while others (including me) decided to play ‘hamster ball’……(How to play?) See the picture below:
It was really hard to balance ourselves in the ‘ball’. I really tried hard to stand up but I failed to do so. Anyway, it’s quite fun!
The heavy rain in the evening spoiled our plan at night because we had to cancel our jungle night walk. Therefore, we had plenty time to kill at night. After the steamboat dinner, I choose to walk around the resort and chit-chatting with dear and friends.
In short, I’m quite glad that I’ve experienced the water rafting.

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