Sunday, August 8, 2010

'Baby' Full Moon

Its a party night for the celebration of Baby's full moon.
For baby?
But he is just too 'small' to understand what is party...
Actually, I think this party is meant for the newly parents...

Cousin's Baby is so fast approaching one month old.
And i think the most happiest person is the baby's mom who finish her confinement period.

The confinement period is a traditional post-natal practice where the mom is confined to the home for one month after delivery of her baby.
Some moms will find it difficult due to the various routines and rules that have to follow. And some will find it very boring to just sit at home for one month.
Anyway, this is a good practice for the mom to restore the lost of blood, nutrients and energy after childbirth.

Back to the party,
As usual, this is the time I can meet all my relatives.
We really have an enjoyable time,
Chit-chatting, wandering around, taste the foods and play with the 'small kids'.

What's a party night for baby?
Oops...Its a party night for the newly daddy and mummy!

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