Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its ReAL..No...Its A DrEaM!!

Watched 《Inception》 just now.
Before watching this movie, I've heard too many good reviews from FB.
Yeah! Its true......
It's truly a never see before movie!
And this esoteric movie for me is too good...
I like the creative idea and the filming strategy which make a full use on imaginary gravity.

A science fiction movie about planting a memory in someone and stealing information from a person's subconscious.

Actually I felt quite lost at the beginning.
(I should read the synopsis before watching this movie)
But I do enjoy the movie because of the unpredictable story line and the visual splendor.
《Inception》 can consider as a heist movie that features a team of people with the mission to planting a seed of idea in the subconscious of a CEO and make him believes the idea is thought of it himself.

This movie can really make us into dream and confuse ourself.
Dear ask me at the middle of the movie said:" At which layer of dream are they in now." She is confused at that moment...
Me too! I doubt that my current life is real or just a dream.
The ending for this movie is very suspense.
And leave us to imagine and determined by ourselves...

After the movie, I do have very much respect to the brilliant director, Christopher Nolan.
Thanks for your 'big idea' and you have successfully plant this movie into my mind.
I like it very much.
Until the end, I'm still confused.
I wonder, am I living in dreams?

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